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[vcm_mental_section title=”Film | Theatre | Music | Corporate Services” description=”Dreamcastle is the company name behind Director Ryan Alexander Dewar and colleagues. We supply producing, filming, editing, graphics and directing services through all media outlets since 2003. That’s 15 years! Wow, already?” id=”services”][/vcm_mental_section]
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[vcm_mental_our_services_item animate=”fadeInUp” title=”Where we are?” description=”We are a Scottish company. Not local? Dreamcastle has travelled over 53 countries around the world. We are always available to discuss projects near, far and wide.” custom-icon=”1953″]
[vcm_mental_our_services_item animate=”fadeIn” title=”Speedy” description=”You need it yesterday? A brilliant history of fast turn around has meant we never falter on quality but get the job done. On time. On budget. Rest easy knowing your deadlines are met.” custom-icon=”1505″]
[vcm_mental_our_services_item animate=”rotateInUpLeft” title=”Creative” description=”We can work with you on everything from script development, posters, trailers all the way through finished project. This includes motion graphics and sexy titles to give your project or business that extra edge. Every price is bespoke to your needs.” custom-icon=”1507″]

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